Graphic Designing – Imagination beyond reality

– a key driver to income generating opportunity for millennials and Generation Z

The landscape in which we live and work is changing, and constantly emerging. We actually find lot of beauty, art and creativity around us. The way we are exposed to the happening in marketplace is very different from the way it used to be about two decades ago. The way a product or a service is presented to us to influence our buying decision and to convince us to choose a particular brand has undergone a complete makeover and has actually become very sophisticated.

The marketplace is highly competitive today and people are very busy with their jobs and businesses. A marketer has got very few minutes or rather seconds to impress a buyer with the features and USPs of her offering. Perception is not reality, but it is this perceived image that the marketer tries to implant in the buyer’s mind is the key to his success in creating a buy-in.

In all these development in product or service presentation, we see a very prominent role of technology, whether it is associated with creating a video, or with the creation of print or TV advertisements, or with the physical packaging of a product, or even with the design aesthetics of the product itself, and so on.

Graphic designing is playing an important role in all these marketing and presentation makeovers. Take any business and any company, they have to get the services of a graphic designer in a small way may be, but it is kind of unavoidable.

Graphic designing is all about creativity and needs a creative mind to breed it. Today, content is the king, as they say, and content is not just the written texts but is the overall representation of a theme or a message, and thus designing comes into picture, and graphic designing is thus an integral part of the messaging.

A picture speaks a thousand words”. Today a picture sells the product or the business it represents. A visual means is the most effective, and striking way to hit the audience’s mind so that the message or its lead character remains in the viewer’s memory.

Innovation and creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking are some of the inherent attributes of a successful graphic designer. She has the power of imagination and clarity of thought in terms of flow of information, and that’s integral to the messaging and in having a design mindset. The process of graphic designing involves combining technological and creative thinking to generate graphically communicative ideas.

Whether a restaurant gets its menu designed, or an automobile company gets its corporate brochure designed, or a travel & event management company gets its product catalogue designed, or a large business conglomerate gets its coffee table book designed, or a country’s embassy gets its country’s culture & traditions designed, a well-crafted graphic design concept is the key to achieving the desired output in terms of beauty, aesthetics, and ease of information presentation.

Right from the day you decide to form a company or to start a new business vertical, you are dependent upon a graphic designer to design your company’s Logo, followed by business cards, corporate presentation, and so on. The creative mind of a graphic designer combines words, images, page layout techniques, and typography to bring life to an otherwise abstract set of content. The graphic designer infuses life into an otherwise boring or complex content into a meaningful one that conveys a clear message.

A graphic designer is thus an integral part of the team creating and defining a brand. It’s the brand’s ethos and persona that appeals its audience, so one can very well imagine how important the involvement is of a truly creative graphic designer.

Graphic Designing is more than just aesthetics, as it combines so many diverse attributes to arrive at an appealing work of design.

It’s also important to know what the future leads us to in this creative area. The trends we see in 2020 and going forward are:

1. GIFs will continue to be used but more wisely and mixed up with other trends such as minimalistic design
2. Use of abstract illustrations embedded with imaginative picture messaging
3. Short and crisp messaging with large but simple & popular fonts
4. 3D graphic design to be used widely to express virtual reality

In today’s highly connected world with complex messaging through various digital devices have created a large market for design aesthetics in branding, package design, illustrations, environmental design, UI/UX, web design, textiles, or photography. Several opportunities exist for- Graphic designer, Creative director, User experience (UX) designer, User interface (UI) designer, Production artist, Product developer, and multimedia artist.

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